Shady Lady was founded in 2017 by best friends Jacqui + Mariel in reaction to an overpriced sunglass market. Their mutual love for trendy eyewear was just the beginning of a beautiful partnership. We like to consider Jacqui the "Shady" factor to our brand and Mariel the "Lady" factor and here's why...

Jacqui brings a cutting edge to the partnership. Always on the cusp of an upcoming trend, fashion has been a key motivator in her life since she was a little girl. Having grown up in the apparel industry with parents who founded the well-known womenswear company Kensie, Jacqui has a solid foundation in the business of fashion. Outside of work Jacqui loves to travel, play pranks on her friends and hit the town in her coolest outfit. Jacqui has a keen eye for trend and a great sense of humour which shows through in her quirky sense of style. Mariel is not only her best friend but also her partner in crime. 
Mariel has a feminine girl-next-door quality that is anything but basic. A savvy business women with the widely successful PARTYSKIRTS brand under her belt and adorable pup that follows her everywhere named Herb. Mariel got her start in fashion in Los Angeles at FDIM and landed her first job shortly after with Brian Lichtenberg. In her spare time Mariel loves to travel, takes photos and throw the best theme parties you could possibly attend. Mariel has a fun loving nature with the most enviable vintage earring collection adding flair to all her lady-like looks. Jacqui is also her best friend and partner in business and crime.