Our co-founder Jacqui visited Sundance Guest Ranch this past weekend for a friends bachelorette party and wanted to share her personal photo diary. Ranch life is the good life...
Duke was a fine lookin' stud
Round em' up!
Don't try this at home folks! Jacqui has been horseback riding her whole life
Never get sick of these views
The bride-to-be in The Bella
Welcome to Sundance!
Jacqui and the bride grew up riding horses together
Every evening they let the horses run out to pasture. The most magical moment of the day!
Rustic vibes
Guided group rides twice a day
We even had some mommy-to-be's on the trip and some future Shady Babies!
Out to pasture
Tia Maria was a lovely mare
Squad goals in their exclusive yellow lens Terry!
Home on the range

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