Our Co-Founder Mariel recently headed off to Italy for two weeks to celebrate her engagement with her fiancé Alex! Here were some of the highlights! 
First stop of the trip... Capri! This was our favorite part of the whole trip. Its such a special island with so much character. Its a MUST see! 
The sunsets can't be missed
One of the best meals of our whole trip! Paolino. Nuzzled in under the lemon trees you will enjoy the best fresh pasta with lemon sauce.
La Fontelina. The best beach club in Capri. Arrive early and snag a beach chair on the rocks and relax while you enjoy a Aperol Spritz. When lunch comes around just head up the stairs to the restaurant and enjoy a amazing meal! Make sure to make a reservation as this is for sure one of the main hot spots. 
Here Mariel is in the Reese
One of our favorite parts about Capri are the lemons everywhere! This is a tiny lemonade stand we found on the side of a walkway. The lemons are huge and delicious! 
The Blue Grotto. Believe it or not this use to be the king of Romes private swimming pool. The color is natural. The way the light hits the water in the dark cave illuminates it to this beautiful blue. It was so bright Mariel left her on her Maris!
Another amazing find of the trip was a hotel called Punta Tragara. Each evening we walked over to this special hotel and sat on the roof top watching the boats come in and out of the marina while we enjoyed a gin and tonic! 
Mariel wearing the Mari 
Next stop! Rome. Major highlight was Hotel De Russie. We sat for hours enjoying the beautiful courtyard while having a martini! 
Dal Bolognese. A Rome staple! Perfect restaurant to take a table on the patio and enjoy a amazing plate of pasta! 
Made a wish at the Trevi Fountain! wearing the Hayleys of course! 
More martinis! 
Next stop was Milan! The best city to shop!
One of the most beautiful stores. Antonia. Worth a visit if your ever in Milan.
Last stop, Lake Como! 
Mariel in the Kate
The Lake is so beautiful and amazing to swim in! 
It was a super sunny day on the lake the Stella came to the rescue! Mariel in the Stella 
Till next time Italy! 

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